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Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling


if u thought lex was going to be left out of this meme u thought wrong my friend

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endless list of favourite smallville scenes: 3/∞ 

"How did I become so uptight… and nerdy?" 10x04 (Homecoming)

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Lois & Clark  Amy Adams & Henry Cavill do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

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“I’m very, very klutzy on set, and…I think one of the funnier times – and it got all of us laughing – was in ‘Crimson.’ They made me wear that outfit, which – you know, stripper boots because – when you wanna get a man, that’s what my big thing is – what are you trying to tell girls? You wanna get a man, you put red lipstick on and wear stripper boots – this is not good. But what had happened is she was running frantically to catch up to Clark to get into the [phone booth] and trap him and – you know, Tom’s very tall, so when he’s walking you have to run really fast, and I’m wearing these five inch heels. And I’m running, and you can just see me right behind him, and I’m about to say my line and I’m running behind him and I bit it. I wiped out so hard in my heels. So what you see from the camera was like, Clark was running and I’m like [yelps and pretends to fall].”

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